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The term “Live Bottom” refers to a horizontal discharge belt trailer.  These trailers and truck mount bodies can be used to haul asphault, processed aggregates up to 4″ in diameter.

The benefit of using a Live Bottom Trailer is that it doesn’t need to go up into the air to discharge its load.  These trailers can also be insulated for thermal retention.

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  • Hardox 450 Steel
  • 4″ Roller Chain
  • Standard Reverse-Direction Belt
  • Henrickson Air Ride Suspension
  • Infinitely adjustable belt speed control

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  • Fastest unloading, best clean-out & lowest downtime
  • 3/16″ Hardox 450 Steel Sloped Sidewall
  • 3″ Pitch Heavy Duty Roller Chain
  • Goodyear heat & oil resistant 36″ wide belt
  • Insulated body with outside aluminum sheeting

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  • Hardox 450 Steel from gate to hitch
  • 3″ Full Roller Chain
  • Standard Reverse-Direction Belt
  • Henrickson Air Ride Suspension
  • Jost 2-speed landing gear
  • Minimizer plastic half round rear fenders (lifetime warranty)
  • Fully insulated walls

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  • Hardox 450 Steel liner
  • 4″ Full-Roller Chain
  • Standard Reverse-Direction Belt
  • Henrickson Air Ride Suspension w/ 25,000 lb. axles
  • Infinitely adjustable belt speed control
  • Automatic chain oilers
  • Fully insulated walls

Dump Trailers

A simple way to haul processed aggregates and top soil.  Bottom Dumps can be sued to evenly spread materials while moving forward.  Bottom Dump trailers can also efficiently haul top soil on earth moving jobs.

Bottom Dump Trailers allow for an inexpensive way to move materials, as there is no hydraulic wet kit required. Available in Clamshell & Crossgate Designs

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  • Industry’s toughest & lightest bottom dump
  • Reinforced corners & walls
  • QT100 fabricated chassis
  • Smooth aluminum fenders
  • Fast acting, high strength main cylinders

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  • 130,000 T1 Steel
  • Reinforced corners & walls
  • Most durable hopper & gate system  in industry
  • Fast acting, high strength main cylinders

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Cross Country Side Dump Trailers offer a wide stance and low center of gravity, which produces a fast and reliable dumping process along the way.

Used to haul rip rap, large rock, broken concrete, top soil and processed aggregates (to name a few), Cross Country Side Dump trucks are the considered construction and oil industries toughest and most reliable of its kind.

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  • Super light weight–less than 16,900lbs
  • Super wide–50″ QT100 fabricated chassis
  • High strength CAD modeled box design (minimal stress points)
  • Fast acting cylinders (quick cycle time)
  • Truck-Lite LED lighting w/ sealed wiring harness

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End Dump Trailers are used for hauling large rock, broken concrete.  Available in Quarter Frame, Full Frame and Frameless Styles, Cross Country End Dumps offer the industry’s best fit and finish.

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  • QT100 Fabricated 47″ wide stable chassis
  • Steel bumper with tow hooks
  • 235 Custom Commercial Hoist
  • Full Floor-length sills
  • Driver Side Rear Grip Ladder
  • Greasable bushings
  • Front & Rear Aluminum fenders

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  • Uniframe design allows for maximum payload & durability
  • Over-center gate latch (prevents from accidentally opening)
  • Reinforced corners resist cracking
  • Truck-Lite LED lighting w/ sealed wiring harness
  • AR200, AR400 or Hardox 450 Steel

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Decks & Flatbed Trailers

HD Gooseneck Trailers are used for hauling heavily-weighted hauls, while offering more stability, reduced like, likelihood to sway and a tighter turning radius.  These trailers are most popular among veteran trailer-pullers, as well as those in the heavy cargo and/or extra large hauling industries.

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  • 55 Ton capacity
  • 10′ Wide; 55’4” Long; Gooseneck length 12’1”
  • Hydraulic flip over neck extension with 10″ cylinders
  • Hendrickson Air Ride Suspension
  • Automatic slack adjusters & parking brakes on (3) axles
  • Air scale & manual dump valve in enclosed box (rear side rail)

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Cross Country’s Drop Deck trailers are built for transporting business, built with heavy duty main beams and crossmember designs. Various tail styles are available, be sure to inquire within. The decks are “hand-selected from the top quality Apitong or Fir decking.”

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  • HD fabricated chassis using T1 Steel Rails
  • Truck-Lite LED lighting
  • 2-speed landing geer
  • Dupont Axalta Imron Elite paint

Step Deck Trailers allow for more options when pulling loads than a traditional flat bed trailer. Step decks often dictate a higher pay scale, and are useful when tarping loads (eariser to tarp/climb on).

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  • Available in 48′ & 53′
  • Tandem, Tridem & Quad
  • Fully enclosed wiring
  • Full LED lighting
  • 2-speed landing gear

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  • Available in 48′, 50′ and 53′ configurations
  • Truck-LITE LED lighting w/ sealed wired harness
  • Two speed landing gear

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Tag & Logging Trailers

Cross Country’s “Tag” Trailers, aka “Tag Along” trailers offer optional air operated decks and ramps.  Additionally, these “bumper hitch” trailers feature industrial switches for easy use in all conditions.

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  • QT100 fabricated chassis
  • 2 speed landing gear
  • 30 ton capacity
  • Full LED lighting
  • Greasable bushings throughout

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Cross Country’s Logging Trailers are “built to handle the punishment of those in remote work areas.”  These trailers feature the industry’s best fit and finish, adjustable bunks to meet the need of each task and full floating tube style crossmembers.

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  • Available as quad axle with lift kit
  • Full floating tube style crossmembers
  • QT-100 tapered stakes
  • Truck-Lite LED lighting
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